Things I like

  • Qajaq USA – Spreading the good news and connecting us to the source.
  • Don Beale Paddles – Responsible for so many paddles, even those of some of his competition 😉
  • Qajaq Rolls – – Christopher Crowhurst’s blog. This is a great resource for rolling! Oriented towards Greenland style, but enough there for everyone.

To Do

  • Lumpy Waters Pt. 3 – Done!
  • A Windy day on the Columbia– Done!
  • SSTIKS — Done!
  • GGSKS 2012 – Done!
  • Greenland and other traditional Paddles
  • The history of OOPS
  • Video series
  • Poem on Cape Lookout
  • All that rescue mess
  • Create a trips form for OOPS


You have ideas for blog topics?  Let me know!


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