Sustenance Fishing for Sea Kayakers: Using handlines to catch crab and fish while saltwater touring

Jason Self

Jason Self, A Ling Cod’s worst Nightmare.

Kayak Fishing  with Jason Self: OOPS General Meeting, Oct. 30th, 2013

Though we often forget it, or perhaps are not even aware of it, all kayaks we paddle are descended from boats used as platforms for hunting.  Rather it was stalking seals, polar bear or even walruses, a kayak’s purpose was to bring in the nutrients and resources to sustain life of hunting people.

Though we no longer depend on Kayaks for food, we can reconnect with the source through using our kayaks for fishing and crabbing.

Come to the October general meeting to learn about the pleasant art of Sustenance Fishing for Sea Kayakers from one of the sport’s leaders, Jason Self.

See Jason’s Blog here:

No sign up necessary, just show up.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, October 30th, 6PM at our usual venue, Lucky Lab Brew Pub 7675 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219

(503) 244-2537

Social Time 6:00 PM
General Meeting 7:00 PM
You do not need to be an OOPS member to attend, so please come if you are interested!

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