phone poem

Painting, Perfect Ending, by Erika Perloff


perfect ending by Erika Perloff

the black lines
of the poem
like a centipede
tracing odd paths
across the screen

i cradle it
in the palm of my hand
as i once cradled you
as you once cradled me

hunched and squinting
i struggle to fit an immensity
into such a crabbed
impossible space

in a few hours
we’ll walk the hills
above the beach
where everything will be
as it once was not

sage scented path
red trail winding
obscure cloud curling
in an instant
(the far past)
a burning line
cutting across the sea

joyful swirls
are tattooed onto my skin
your name
a red heart
and a banner
held aloft
by two birds

Lines on a screen
Ink under my skin
A burning on the sea
That which you love


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