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Dog daze

When Jax awoke, he had that familiar feeling between the eyes – something between a dentist drill and a jack hammer.  Why, Oh why did he drink so much last night? 


January Paddling Netarts

Icy January day at Netarts. I was still recovering from the flu. The world was deadly grey and the cold had sucked the light out of the sky.


Eulachon: A Ghost Story

“Most people like to look at mountain rivers, and bear them in mind; but few care to look at the wind, though far more beautiful and sublime, and though they become at times about as visible as flowing water.”

– John Muir (1894)


Fall to Winter

        Many years ago, when I was living in California, a friend of mine had a little cabin in Forest Knolls, in a redwood forest in the hills, an hour or...