Category: Poems

perfect ending by Erika Perloff

phone poem

the black lines
of the poem
like a centipede
tracing odd paths

Anadrome Chorus

Hear now the anadrome song of the salmon
sung in voiceless bubble chorus
loud from source sweet to bitter sea


Somewhere in the Arizona desert, I pull the white whale to a crunching stop on a patch of roadside dirt, on the crest of a small hill, north of Paulden Arizona.
“What are we doing out here?”
“Is something wrong?”
“Hey! What’s going on?”
“Stars,” I say. “We have stopped to see the stars.”

Way Back

We clambered down from the trees
and stood upright,
peering over the horizon
with eyes like ripening apples,


Picking up objects;
morning and evenings
flash of black–
a thief revealed.


How long
since last we touched?
silence cuts through the years
as rock splits water

. . .

The Box

She knows well what the chest feels like
smooth-worn boards, pale like ashes
cut from forest wood, grown from forest wood
away from barren-rock-salt-air,
grained like cloud-drift coming down on cliffs
hiding all the sea below

. . .

Mer Made

Mermaid and Minotaur meet on the shore of a strange sea.

Point Lobos

Point Lobos is corridors of granite,
Tumble back spurs
Echoes of ancient coast, water worn and water drowned
Granite spines, marked by tree root and tourist feet . . .