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10/2012BCU 3* AssessmentRob Yates - Assessor
Mark Whitaker -Assistant
1/25/2013BCU Coastal Navigation & Tide PlanningJohn Carmody-Instructorat GGSKS 2013
1/26/2013 - 1/27/2013BCU 4* trainingJohn Carmody -Instructor
Santiago Berrueta Villa -Assistant
at GGSKS 2013


General paddle Log

7/17/2015San Francisco, CA4.67 NMPaul Steinberg
Steve Hufstader
mild conditons, winds 10-15 mph from SWNot good day. Back sore. turned sidewise on dumping waves coming into baker beach, result of stiffness from back. sprained thumb. bad day.2015-07-17
6/27/2015Cape Kiwanda2 MiPaul SteinbergMildSolo. nice.2015-06-01_27-CapeKiwanda
6/21/15Cascade Head, OR5 NMJay Hutchins, Carol Studenmund, Denise Harrington, Martin HarringtonSwell 4.5 ' at 9 sec. Mild weather. Wind ~ 10 Mph from W.First trip in over a year!! Back felt pretty good.Trip 6-21
5/25/13-5/27/13San Juan Islands43 NMPaul Steinberg, Jon Walpole, Kirti Walpole, JennyJohnson, Jay Hutchins, Carl DavisSome of the strongest tides of the year ~5 nauts, mixed sun and rain, winds up to 15 mphWonderful trip. Learned much from Jonathon and company
3/29/14Portland Oregon9 NMsolomix rain and sun. some wind.Macadam to William Rogers Park and return.
3/22/14El Granada, CA5 NMSteve Hufstatder + BASK/NR folksswell 11' at 14 secondsPut in near Pillar Point. Paddled out past Mavericks then played at Table Rock. Not great conditions but fun.
Saw some big breakers at Mavericks paddling back.
9/22/13Netarts, Oregon3 NMPatrick, DeniseSW Winds 25 mph gusting to 46.
Swell 11 feet at 7 seconds
Very windy - sustained winds at 25 (at least). Hardly need to paddle. Struggle to control boat. Almost impossible to turn. Wind died abruptly past Schooner pub. Very strong flood past Schooner. Had to hug shore quite a ways. Fantastic conditions on Netarts bars on the flood !
8/10/13Pigeon Point, CA to Franklin Point and Return~7 NMSteve Hufstadter, Tony Johnson, bunch of BASK folksNOAA marine forecast:
3 foot swell WNW at 10 seconds
Launch from cove at Pigeon Point lighthouse. Paddle south to Franklin Point.
In the Franklin Point area, opportunity for rock gardening for those will experience/inclination.
Lunch at beach Franklin Point prior to return.

This area can be very challenging to paddle, with complicated rock formations, swell and currents.
Please have open coast skills, a reliable roll, and if you are going to go inside, rock garden experience.
7/5/13San Francisco - Horseshoe cove to Angel Island and return.11.3 NMSteve HufstatdterSW WINDS 15 TO 25 KT.Intended to go out through GG to Point Dialo. High winds caused us to go to Angel Island instead. Strong SW winds gave us great rides crossing from Sausalito to Angel island. Strong headwinds on return.Angel Island Kayak Journey
6/15/13San Francisco5.3 NMSteve Hufstadter S WINDS 5 TO 15 KT. WIND WAVES 1 TO 3 FT. NW SWELL 7 TO 9 FT AT 10 SECONDS. great day. Beautiful.
5/19/13Pacific City & Netarts, OR5 NMPaul Steinberg, Jay Hutchins, Denise Harrington, Christian HaleSwell 4-6' AM then 3-5' PM. WInd from the N & NW 10 mph gusting to 14. 59 F.
Actual wind wInd felt quite a a bit higher, sustained at 15 at least.
Christian's first time in these conditions. Proceeded cautiously. Jay's shoulder still bothering so he opted out. Decided to do short circuit around buoy and Haystack rock and forgo longer coastal paddle. Discussed entry strategies and dealing with shore break. Practiced rolls rescues N of Haystack. One of my rolls failed due to heavy wind ;-(

Came in cautiously - located safest section -no surfers moderate brak. Coached Christian in. Successful day.
After lunch Jay, Denise and Paul went to netarts. High wind and very tired -> short time on water. Lots of roll practice.

5/12/13Skamakowa, WA7.7 NMTwo part day - How to teach rolling Class led by Will Bigelow followed by solo paddle.Forcast - 63 F Wind Speed / Gusts: SW at 24 mph gusting to 32 mph.
Actual winds experienced about half forecast. Very light rain.
Will big personality guy and good teacher. Lots of emphasis on making a fun session with students and ensuring that they come away with a positive feeling. Spent time on proper postioning for teaching , where to satnd , how much help to give manually and how. progression of skills from beach to boat.
5/5/13Ilwaco, WA5.5 NMTim Mattson, Jay NuttForecast 15 MPH gusting to 21 mpf, 3 foot swell at 7 seconds - clear and sunny. Little-no wind encountered.Beautiful, conditions but little drama. We paddled out on slack and reached Sand Island in a growing ebb. We rode the ebb to the end of A Jetty and played in currents around exposed rocks at Jetty tip. Tim mentioned that this area could be rather dramatic given a lower tide and faster current. COuld also be a hazard depending on group. We then paddled along A Jetty back towards Dead Man's Cove. Lunch at Dead Man's Cove then to Waikiki. Nice caves in the Cove and at Waikiki. DId half paddle roll. Tim made scurrilous comments about my forward stroke.
4/21/13Lake Oswego, OR3 NMDennis HollingsheadPaddled Canoe. Very Nice.
4/20/13Twanoh Park, WA>5 NMDon Beale + SSTIKS Crowd57F Winds SW at 26 mph gusting to 35 mphSSTIKS safety training: skin boat rescue, hand of God, Hand of Pavia, skin boat towing.
4/17/13Columbia PoolNATim Mattson, Pat Welle, lots of OOPS folksHostile life guardsACA IDW rescue training
4/13/13Willamette River. Willamette Park to Cedar Island Park.12 Nautical MilesSolo51 degrees, SW WIND 15MPH. Some rain.Almost paddled into huge sea lion hauled out on Hog Island. Barked at me. Yikes!
4/7/13Columbia River. Stevenson to Wind River and return.8 NMJay and Carol. Bill and Lee.55 degrees. Winds forecast 15 mph from SSW. Actual conditions much milder.
Paddled 210 Corryvrecken first few miles. Heavy and unpleasant. Paddled Jay's 205 Cyprus. 205 Much better. Cyprus felt small.

Paddled back with Aleaut. I love that paddle!
4/3/13Columbia PoolNAOOPSpool-likeRolling with Euro blade. Did off-side euro roll for first time. Rolled succesfuul with half-paddle numerous times.
3/2014San francisco, CA5NMsoloCrissy Field Jaunt
3/2014El Granada, CA5 NMSteve Hufstatder, Bill Vonnegut, Denise Harrington + BASK/NR folksPut in near Pillar Point. Surfed at Mushroom Rock then at table rock. Excellent conditions.
3/2014Bolinas, CA2NMBill Vonnegut, Denise Harrington + BASK/NR folksSurfing off Bolinas. Fun!!
3/30/13Marin. Horse shoe Cove to Pt. Diablo5 NMPaul & Steve Hufstatder6:55 AM -4.92 kt Max Ebb
10:36 AM 0.01 kt Slack
1:37 PM 3.67 kt Max Flood
Mild conditions. Breeze 5-15 mph
launched at 10:00 AM, rode ebb out gate. Played in rocks. landed at Kirby. Asthma/shortness of breath. Conditions changed dramatically at Pt. Diablo -higher swell and confused seas.
Point Diablo outside the Golden Gate
3/29/13Marin, Horse Shoe Cove1 NMPaul60 degrees, ebbing tide, 2-3 foot swellpaddled to Lime Point and back. about 1 n mile
3/17/13Millersylvania Park, WANASSTIKS traineesCold!Training for SSTIKS coaching
3/2/2013NetartsSurfingPaul Steinberg
Jay Hutchins
Charles Congdon et al
mid 50's, light wind, 2-3 foot breaking wavesUsed Delphin and Corryvrecken exclusively. No problems w/ combat rolls
2/2014Pt. Lobos, CA7.8 NMAlan Douglas, Denise Harrington, Steve Hufstadter, Peter and Sylvia, BASK FolksCalm and clear.Point Lobos!! Nice. Damaged my illusion on rocks ;-(
2/2014San Francisco, CA7.8 NMAlan DouglasNegligible winds. Clear and beautiful.Lovely day. Some surfing off of Cliff House. Paddled out to light house. Alan wanted to cross to Marin - yikes! Fun but tiring.
2/24/2013Willamette River6 nautical milesPaul Steinberg
Jay Hutchins
Carol Studenmund
mid 50's, negligible windeasy paddle
2/3/2013NetartsNAPaul Steinberg
Patrick McCarty
48F wind from SW at 10mphlow key day. Testing Delphin 155 and Corryvrecken Paddle. Getting comfortable w/combat rolls with dratted Euro paddle.