OOPS Kayak Club trip To Netarts Aug. 2 2015

Netarts August 2, 2015

An Introduction to Moving Water and Surf with OOPS


Last minute updates – Saturday, Aug 1 2015 –

According to our Coast Watcher -Denise Harrington – a typical pattern with high winds in the afternoon has set in.  We want to be off water before the winds get too strong to have fun.

That means we want to be on the water by 9:00 AM.  Please plan accordingly.

We’ll meet at our Put-in past the Schooner (see photo below).

Depending on conditions encountered/desire so the group we will do some or all of the following:

  • Rescue practice
  • Rolling practice
  • Bracing practice
  • strokes
  • surfing/rough water paddling

Dress for immersion, bring a change of clothes and food and drink  for energy,.


See you all soon –  Paul


Spend a fun day learning to deal with moving water and waves in a safe location at Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast. We’ll assemble at the the end of Netarts Basin Boat Rd (just past The Schooner).We will paddle as a group towards Happy Camp stopping along the way to practice skills. On route, we will explore the skills that make rough water paddling safe and fun.  We will  practice level three techniques in a benign environment.  These may include strokes, edging, trimming and forward stroke (dynamic paddling) in wind and small waves. We will explore paddling with efficiency as we learn about the dynamic design of our kayaks.

We will also practice T-rescues, aiming to build the skills which make rescues automatic.

Finally, we will put these skills to use in the chaotic conditions caused by the water moving over the shoals and sand bars at Netarts Bay mouth.

We will be getting wet, so dress appropriately, bring extra clothes and a nice lunch and snacks.

The order of business will be safety, fun, and learning.  In that order.

Map of OOPS Kayak Club trip to Netarts

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  • Voodoo Donuts will be provided.

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