Don’t be a Stick in the Mud.  Come to SSTIKS 2015.

SSTIKS logoThe Northwest’s Premier, Family Friendly gathering for traditional paddling.
Great paddling in a beautiful location with some of the best coaches around. And you can bring the kids!



  • Do I need to paddle a skin on frame boat?   No, Most people paddle standard kayaks. There will be plenty of boats and greenland padles to borrow though!

  • What will I learn at SSTIKS?  There will be classes on forward strokes, rescues, paddle carving, harpooning and lots and lots of rolling.

  • Sounds fun – what else?  Races, dead fish polo and much more.

  • Yummy food?  Of course. Delicious meals and a salmon barbecue.

  • Can I bring the kids?  SSTIKS is family friendly.  Bring the kids, drop them off at the kids track and pick them up three days later.

  • Sounds good .  Is it expensive?  A mere pittance.  $30-85 depending on things.

  • When is SSTIKS? – June 12-14.

  • Where is it?  Twanoh State Park in Washington. An Hour North of Olympia.

  • How Can I find out more?

  • How do I sign up?  Sign-up are open now:

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great blog post and promotion for SSTIKS! One correction, the kids track– you can’t literally leave your kids and pick them up later. There are kid centered classes and we welcome parent support. In fact the whole event happens and happens inexpensively because everyone helps out one way or another. It really is a lot of fun! Thanks again Paul.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I spoke a bit loosely, you cannot just set ’em and forget ’em. Still, the kids track provides hours of fun for the kids and a chance for parents to get out on their own. By the way, I’m scheduled to help out on the kids track myself this year 🙂

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