January Paddling Netarts Video

Icy January day at paddling at Netarts Bay. I was still recovering from the flu. The world was deadly grey and the cold had sucked the light out of the sky.

For maximum effect, view fullscreen.


The song is  “Winter’s Sanctuary” (Auditory Canvas & Kyrstyn Pixton) from EMBYRS (2011) by (the amazing) Kyrstyn Pixton.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Paul,

    This film clip had me bracing in my chair as I watched! That was some pretty angry looking chop/swell you were in – were you out to play or heading somewhere? Keep ’em coming!!


  2. Hi Scott – Thanks for the comment. We were just out to explore the seas a bit. It was filmed at Netarts, an area that I and others out here go to quite a bit. It can be tame and pleasant or wild and wooly depending on conditions and tide. I especially love it in the winter.

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