OOPS General Meeting April 24, 2013 – Kayak Navigation for “normal” humans

Kayak Navigation for “normal” humans

As kayakers, we like to travel out to sea, reach exciting locations, and then make it back again. The art of navigation helps you plan such journeys and then manage them underway so you always know where you are. Many of us love to make navigation as complicated as possible; it makes us feel superior. In this talk, however, I will show you that it doesn’t need to be so complicated. Any kayaker with a bit of practice can master the core techniques of kayak navigation. When done right (i.e. without a GPS brain-crutch) it is fun and adds a whole new element to play with as we kayak.

Speakers Bio

Tim Mattson is a “born again” paddler, sea kayak instructor (ACA level 5), and an instructor trainer (ACA level 3). He has paddled in exciting places around the world including Australia, Scandinavia, Baja, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. To support his kayaking obsession, Tim works as a professional scientist (Ph.D. theoretical Chemistry) with a background in molecular physics and computer science. He has published four books, over 75 scientific articles, and is a popular speaker at scientific conferences.

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