Replica kayaks from the Arctic tradition Harvey Golden- OOPS November 2012 Meeting

Friends, Fellow paddlers and turkey afficianados.

It is with great pleasure that I’d like to remind you of our upcoming OOPS meeting Wednesday November 28 at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub.  Our guest for the evening will be Harvey Golden, perhaps the world’s foremost experts on traditional kayaks and baidarkas of the world’s polar regions.

Harvey at the opening of his Lincoln Street Kayak & Canoe Museum

Harvey Golden has been building replicas of kayaks from the Arctic tradition since 1993. Having seen the remarkable variety of kayak forms in “The Bark Canoes and Skinboats of North America,” Harvey immediately set out to build and use replicas of every type. In this pursuit, Golden realized that many more kayaks were still in museums around the world, and that most had never been properly surveyed: In 1998 he set out to look at and document kayaks in Dutch, English, and Scottish museums, and this very quickly turned into the foundations for a large book Kayaks of Greenland (published in 2006)
As of 2011, Golden has surveyed over 200 kayaks—some 400 years old, and others being sub-types or historically significant kayaks never studied before. Books on Alaskan kayaks and Canadian kayaks are presently in the works. Golden lives and builds in S.E. Portland, and has just opened up the Lincoln Street Kayak & Canoe Museum featuring replica kayaks and canoes as well as models and original craft.
Come to this meeting to meet Harvey, find out about traditonal kayaks and learn more about the roots of our sport.

Harvey Golden paddling a mid-nineteenth century Kayak replica off of Cape Falcon. Photo by Brian Schulz

Also on the agenda:
  • New Board Nominations
  • New trips on Calendar
  • Solas tape??


Date, Time & Place
Wednesday November 28th, 6:00 PM
Lucky Lab Brew Pub
7675 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: (503) 244-2537


  • Social Time 6:00 PM
  • General Meeting  7:00 PM

You do not need to be an OOPS member to attend, so please come if you are interested!

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